City of Sunset Valley Public Star Party

UnknownWhat a joy it was to be back for the 4th time with the City of Sunset Valley at their public star party last night and what a gorgeous night we had! We focused on Jupiter, the Moon  and Venus.  We saw two of the 4 Galilean moons orbiting Jupiter. I had the chance to tell some native star lore about the Pleiades and Orion constellations and take some visitors on a solar system walk. As always, their staff was so eager to help and learn.  Thank you lovely folks for a fun-filled and educational evening.

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Hands-on Astronomy Class with Cedars Montessori Elementary

Elementary students from Cedars Montessori met me under the stars and got to know a Dobsonian mount telescope before we headed outside to see Mars in conjunction with Venus and Jupiter and it’s Galilean moons.  Even though the clouds started to creep in on us, we still got to see the Orion nebula and of course our heavily cratered Moon. The students were intrigued by my green laser pointer! Below you can see me modeling the earth’s axis and it’s precession. To find out why this is so important to us here on Earth, sign up for Hands-on Astronomy and immerse yourself in the starry sky above.


Thank you to Steve Wolf who took all of these beautiful photos of our class!

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