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Shuttle Endeavour Inspires Elementary Students

October 22, 2012 Uncategorized 0
AP Photo/, Ralph Barrera

AP Photo/, Ralph Barrera

Last month on the official first day of Fall,  I walked my first grader to school. As she was putting away her bicycle, I heard kids shouting.  I thought someone fell off their bicycle or there was a car accident.  Lo and behold, everyone started to point up to the sky in excitement.  It was the space shuttle flying over her school!  Parents and kids stopped and watched in awe.  Do we honestly have to justify spending money on the space program?  The fact that it inspires young and old is enough proof for me that looking up to the sky and dreaming of what can be allows for great things to take place down here. Here is the video clip I took of Endeavour flying over Cedar Creek Elementary that morning:  shuttlestillinspires