3 Session Course

learning how to use the funscopes

learning how to use the funscopes

In the 3 Session Course (age 8 and up) will:

  • Learn how to use a telescope and gain in self confidence as you practice using it over 3 classes
  • Become proficient at finding constellations in the sky and understand what causes our seasons on Earth
  • Chart the moon over 3 weeks measuring its altitude and azimuth
  • Discover how moon phases and eclipses work
  • Walk away knowing why the North star will not always be our North star
  • Get a feel for the immense space between the planets
  • Understand what you can do to decrease light pollution and save our night sky

Each class also consists of setting up our telescopes, touring the night sky that night, hearing a star lore story and viewing major celestial objects in my 10″ telescope.

Spring 2016 Courses:

SOUTH AUSTIN April 26, May 3, May 10; 8-9:30pm REGISTER HERE

To schedule this program for your learner or a group of learners,or to customize a programplease email me at: amy@starryskyaustin.com or call:  713-825-7978.