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The Story

The story:“Cassandra and the Night Sky” is about a brave girl who grows up in a land without stars. She stumbles upon the night sky, thought to be stolen by an evil king and courageously brings it back for all to enjoy.

Being an astronomy educator, I tell star stories quite often. My favorite stories aren’t the Greek and Roman stories you often hear. I get inspired by star stories from different cultures.  In one of my classes I gave the students a blank star field and asked them to make their own constellations and star stories.

It was such a hit that I decided to create my own and asked my mother, a wonderful artist, to illustrate it.  Little did I know that it would bring this mother and daughter team closer together.

At first we were thinking of self-publishing and so found Bright Sky Pressa publishing company out of Houston, TX where my mother lives and where I grew up. Bright Sky Press was so impressed with the drawings and story that they decided to partner with us in publishing the first run of it. We raised funds to pay for our end of the publishing, editing and layout costs of the initial publishing of the first 1000 copies of the book so we can put it out to the public.

We hope that “Cassandra and the Night Sky” inspires others to make up their own star stories to tell, but most importantly, to look up at the night sky and wonder. 


Follow where Amy has been reading the book:

To invite Amy to read it to your class and bring a hands-on activity for your group, or for an author signing at your school’s next book fair, fill out the form on the contact page or email me at

Also sold on Amazon and locally in Austin, TX at  Book People and The Juniper Tree.

Our Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded in May 2016.
Here is the video from the campaign:

Educators! download the “Constellation Viewer” activity to go with the book here!


Amy is available to read “Cassandra and the Night Sky” to your students and to facilitate hands-on astronomy activities with your community. She has read to Wimberley, Buda and Round Rock Public Libraries as well as the Sunset Valley and Arboretum Barnes and Noble stores and the Book People. If you are in AISD, she is available to teach astronomy with their inflatable Discovery Dome planetarium and/or read the story during the program. She is also available for an author signing at your school’s next book fair.  To schedule a visit please fill out the form here: