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A Better Projection of the Sun

August 15, 2017 Uncategorized 0

Thanks to Ken Miller, Ken Miller of the GOTO planetarium company, and formerly of Bishop Museum in Hawaii, here is a better way to project the sun and view it indirectly!

  1. Cover a hand mirror with paper.
  2. Cut out a dime-sized hole in the paper.
  3. Stick the mirror into a lump of clay or bucket of sand, or anything that will allow you to hold it steady and adjust the position.
  4. Bounce an image of the sun from the hole in the mirror to a light-colored wall or poster board located in a shady area about 30-50 feet away.

I literally took a vanity mirror off my bathroom wall and mounted it on a wood table we had lying around the yard. I propped it up on a chair and voila!  The sun projected! Thanks for the idea Ken!









the Sun!!