Reimers Observatory


Looking through our 25" Dobsonian

Park Supervisor Michael Brewster, the man behind the observatory, looking through the 25″ Dobsonian

Please go to the observatory’s new website to find out about observatory programs:

This Fall I began working at the Travis County Reimers Observatory! It has to be by far the best job I’ve had (aside from being the director of Starry Sky Austin, of course!) It is open to small groups of 30 or less unless we have a special event. We have a 25″ and 15″ Dobsonian out there and the skies are nice and dark!  We not only show everyone what is up in the sky that night,  but also educate visitors about how to use a star chart to find constellations, tell star stories, and share our knowledge of astronomy. It is open most weekends on Friday or Saturday nights except once a month when close to the full moon. (The full moon is beautiful and also very bright and washes out the night sky. The observatory is open when the best viewing is most likely).  As of the end of January 2017, we now have a website and a reservation system. You can go here to reserve your spot: Reimers Observatory

See you under the stars!

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Fall 2015 Semester Astronomy Class

IMG_0038This past fall, I taught a 10 week long semester astronomy class for the first time. We met at Longview Park in South Austin and covered all sorts of new topics such as black holes, astrobiology and the search for exoplanets, life without a supernova, stellar evolution, cosmic timescales and stellar distances and so much more! I got positive feedback from parents and students and really enjoyed getting to know students over a longer period of time. I look forward to offering these new topics in coming classes which I hope to announce soon, so check back for updates soon to come!

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